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 A Step To Far-A Death Note RPG

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PostSubject: A Step To Far-A Death Note RPG   Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:19 pm

Kira is still at large. L is still alive and now he has asked Near to help him with the case. This means more trouble for Light. Rem is still keeping an eye on Misa even though now she is attached to Light. Ryuk on the other hand is still being a nuisance and eating apples. Misa is trying to help Light the best she can. The SPK and the Task Force are working in joint now that L has brought Near onto the case. Mello is still trying to out smart his rival and now he has his hands on a notebook. What will all this chaos come to? Will Kira be caught and will Rem and Ryuk finally warm up to each other for Light and Misa's sakes? Only time will tell...

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A Step To Far-A Death Note RPG
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